Saturday, February 7, 2009


We live in silence. Yes we speak to our children. We don't speak to each other. We have friends having dinner at our house tonight. He will be in the game room, playing around with the kids. I will be in the kitchen cooking. When we sit down to eat, we will sit next to each other. We will laugh with our friends but we won't look at each other. We won't touch and won't actually speak to each other. We will watch a movie but we will sit on different couches. We won't share a blanket, I won't lay my head in his lap as he brushes my hair. We haven't done that in years. Our friends will leave we will smile and say our good byes. The door will close and it will be silent. Our smiles will melt away. He will go to bed. I will clean up, waiting for him to fall asleep. For if he is asleep when I go to bed, the silence is okay. Because that is how we silence.

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