Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I had to leave early for work today. I over slept and went running out of the house. As I was driving to the pharmacy I realized I wasn't wearing my ring. A ring that was once a symbol of love and devotion. A never ending circle of trust and faith in each other. A ring that represented so much. I don't know what that ring means today. Is that devotion still there? That trust and faith? I just don't know. When I got home, I noticed his ring was not on his hand either. Then I realized it hasn't been on his hand for a long time. Is his faith in me gone? Has he lost that devotion? Did I break his trust? What did I do to make him want to take that ring off? Where did it all go so wrong? What hurtful word fell off my lips that caused him enough pain to make that decision? Was it one word or was it lots of little words that slowly ate away at him? Will we ever be able to move past that hurt?

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